JA Season

Height  5'9"

Bust 44"

Wiaist 35 1/2"

Hips 54"

Dress 16/18

Shoe 11

About Me



JA SEASON, has now made her modeling debut!  Born JaMieka Harris, a southern girl, from the suburbs of Atlanta, she has now decided to follow her calling… to be a top model.  With the idea of beauty shifting daily JA has realized it’s her time now.  “Five years ago, I would have been seen as too curvy, but now it’s like the curvier the better.  Well, that’s me!”

Coming from the nursing profession Ja Season has learned many things that has allowed her to bring so much to her craft.  Having compassion, working well in a team, and a passion to get the job done, makes her a special force in this game.  And if that wasn’t enough her flawless skin, beautiful smile, naturally gorgeous hair and hour glass figure makes her the best candidate for your project.


“Ja has been an instant sensation!  It’s a complete win win to work with her.  She is a complete beast in front of the camera.”

Day Byrd Celebrity MUA and founder of The Byrd House Group

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